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Chairman Desk

Shri Pramod Gugalia


It is my privilege to greet you on behalf of Royal Institute of Management and Advanced Studies, Ratlam (MP). I believe that, Education is simply the soul of the society as it's passes from one generation to another. Excellence in education is achieved when its student orient and deliver with scientific and creative teaching approaches by skilled professors who love their subject and their students. Education should consist of a series of enchantment, each raising the individual to a higher level of alertness, knowledge, understanding and kinship with all living things.

We are committed towards providing students with an education that lasts and evolves over a lifetime by infusing indispensable wisdom and knowledge to success in the fast changing competitive world. We are deeply entrenched in the process of building an academic culture that is  based on norms of merit based advancement and putting structure in place that would help build and resource like well equipped labs, advancements in library, etc. that are needed to create an outstanding institution.

Pramod Gugalia - Chairman


M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)


We train our students with professional skills that are required to face the challenges in today’s competitive world. The methodologies adopted by the college together with latest and variety of learning resources would help our budding students to do well in all the spheres of life in general and technical in particular. Royal Institute of Management and Advanced Studies has been offering an effective  MBA program with the help of dedicated faculty and excellent back-up facility.

 I am privileged to be a part of this great institution and feel immensely happy to offer my heartiest welcome to the new batch of trainees. 

 I hope that they will make the best use of the available resources here and attain the necessary professional competence to guide their students.

  I wish the students of Royal Institute of Management and Advanced Studies a grand success.

Dr Ubed Afzal - Principal


Chairman & Principal Desk: Classes
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